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Transparency Motivator

Mikkita Moore

The Experience

Mikkita Moore, an Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Master Life Coach, as well as Certified Time Management Coach, and  mother of five, starting at the very young age of 14, from the South Side of Chicago. Mikkita is a retired, master stylist and cosmetology instructor. She has owned two successful hair salons over a period of 13 years and an event-planning company, Symply Plyzurez Eventz since 2004. She is now the Author of The Letter, From the Invisible Daughter and the Founder of The Art of Transparency Tour. The book was published June of 2016 and the Tour started shortly thereafter in September of 2016.

The book started because I was in a very negative space in my life and I didn’t want my life stories to be lost in a journal in my basement. I wanted my life stories to be something my children’s, children’s children could find and read for years to come. I wrote my book in my truth. We are constantly taught structure everyday but I am not teaching structure with my book, I am talking about my life, I am reliving my truth.

With this book I also wanted to reach you, my audience on a level that’s different from the rest. I needed to reach an audience that hasn’t heard about the Black girl from the south side of Chicago that wasn’t poor and not knowing where her next meal would come from. The girl that her mother wasn’t a drug addict, father wasn’t a drug pusher. I got tired of the stereo types that I had to be from this family or that kind of family because I had my children at 14 years old. My all-time favorite was the one that says teenage moms can’t raise their children affectively or the one that says teenage moms are all high school drop outs.

My book is not about the average poor Black girl living in poverty. This book is about my life, from a perspective of a teenage mom that didn’t struggle, that didn’t drop out of high school but in fact graduated high school a year ahead of time with honors. This book is my life from a perspective that thought about suicide, went through domestic violence, emotionally mentally and physically. This book talks from a perspective of not feeling the love of a father searching for that type of love from boys/men that either couldn’t give it or just didn’t know how to give.

My book talks about parenting a child that’s different from the rest of her five children. Wondering where I went wrong as a parent, or as a real mother. Why is it that this one child just can’t be okay……. My book comes from real life situations that happens in our community far to often and over looked because it’s not society’s “norm”.

The Art of Transparency Tour gives people like myself the platform to tell their stories to an audience of all kinds. The tour consists of personal testimonies of others, spoken word artists, as well as other entertainment performers. The Art of Transparency is not rehearsed or set up as a performance, it is based on real life situations brought to the forefront for others to hear. The mission is to help as many people as we can with our stories of how we have also had hard times yet made it through. We want others to know that there is a way to get through any sitaution life throws their way. The tour is based out of Chicago, but has traveled to St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN with plans for Atlanta, GA, South Carolina in 2019, then Mississippi and California shortly thereafter. The mission is to reach as many cities, states, and people as we can with The Art of Transparency.