Transparency Motivator

Transparency Motivator



Motivational Speaker/ Host

Speaking to participants is a time for meaningful engagement. Time used to encourage, lead and offer real life situations and results to enable listeners to truly understand and connect with her, not only as the speaker but to have empathy for the topic. One of the results that Mikkita obtains when speaking to audiences is her dynamic ability to ignite an awakening within those who hear her story. It allows them to realize and understand their issue more clearly, that she has been through similar situations and how they, too, can overcome the feelings and possible stagnations from its impact. These processes are all facilitated with audience in mind.   


Life Coach

Have you been feeling as if there is so much more to who you are?? Are you feeling like its your time to live in your purpose?? Let's get together and talk about it.... Over the years, Mikkita Moore has learned “The Art of Transparency” is equivalent to facing and being fully aware of who she is, her ability to candidly speak from the heart about real life issues and how to conquer life’s trials is one of my greatest gifts. 


Salon Consultation

Is your salon operating at its full potential? Have you made sure that your salon is inspection-ready? If not, there is a way to become knowledgeable and worry-free about the logistics of your business!

There are rules and guidelines that must be followed for you to not only properly run a professional salon but to ensure that you are earning the best financial benefits. We should do what we love, perform our talents to its fullest and also earn the highest profits. 

As a professional cosmetologist and stylist for the past 20 years, I have learned the ins and outs of the business; on the salon floor and behind the scenes, from the student sector to the position of mentor and instructor in the field. I am an advocate for salons and owners to be at their very best in all capacities. There are so many aspects of this field that I have experienced that others may have not been privy to. Allow my expertise to possibly change the way you look at your salon and your money-making potential.